INT. CH Ferdinand Felix Canis “Epic”

Sire: Ch Gelso Del Colle Infinito AD ZTP IPO1
ZTP scores-HD A1 HZ0 TH 2AB EY 1B

(ATIBOXJUNGENGENDSIEGER Ulm Del Colle Infinito x CH Bellabionda del Colle dell`Infinito)

Dam: Unni Felix Canis HD a HZ 0
(Multi CH Nord del Coure Grande x Kaia Felix Canis)

Ferdinand aka Epic is our clown. His playful personality meets with his social nature making him our treasure. Epic is co-owned, handled/shown by our daughter Jenna and myself. In his first puppy conformation match at the Boxer National Specialty (May 2014) the young duo took second…His outstanding pedigree genetically give him a superior bone with substance, square build, proper angulations and perfect trophy head. Epic is poetry in motion- he is clean coming and going and has good reach. Epic has obtained his International Champion title and is an excellent working, obedience, and agility dog!  You can see in all of his pictures- a truly universal Boxer….With his textbook breed standard conformation, producing pedigree, amazing expression and intermediate drive we have much more to see out of him in the ring and adding to our next generation here at BMB! Epic adores children of all ages along with all animals big or small-he is the complete package! He has already produced some amazing puppies-look for his upcoming breeding’s!

Stud service to approved females: Natural, fresh chilled, or frozen available

Health testing: DM-Negative, Penn Hip Score 96%, Heart Echo Cardiologist -Normal, Holter 000, OFA Thyroid-Normal, OFA Patella-Normal, OFA Elbows-Normal




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