Piper del Honos “Piper”

Sire: CH Youri Vavonbox IPO1
(Ch Woden Vavonbox IPO3 Kouring B X Themba Vavonbox ZTP)

Dam: Betra del Honos
(INT CH D’Olxa Kristo IPO1 ZTP x Jedna na Million Oriana Kelevra)

Piper’s bewitching double reverse brindle coloration meet with those dark deep brown eyes; you can see her focus and drive come through as she lights up the room. She has much bone and substance on her very square tight body so offers much breed type while still keeping a feminine appeal. Her sire is owned by the Wordonis kennel (Netherlands) and her grandsire is our own Int Ch D’Olxa Kristo IPO1 ZTP. She has excellent working drive and character that shows through on and off lead. Her favorite activities are playing in the water hose, along with tug a war and fetch. She is adored by everyone she meets…Her alert, attentive, happy nature, outstanding health testing results, breed type and quality pedigree make her a treasure.

Excellent health testing results: Heart cardiologist normal Hips excellent-A1, DM-Negative, ARVC-Negative, Holter-Normal, OFA Thyroid-Normal, OFA-Patella-Normal

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