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Puppies are profiled, watched, and evaluated using our Puppy Aptitude Testing Guide. This testing helps when placing puppies and personality profling the correct puppy for every new families wants and needs whether for work, play, or show! You can view what’s involved with PAT on my site as well. As you see we use different age groups of children and different places to do this testing. Testing is completed and puppies have had there final vet evaluations and ready for there new families! ~ Look at upcoming litters for future puppy info.

Storm Puppies 7-11-24

Envy Puppies 7-11-24

Already united with families

We firmly believe that the best source of a happy, healthy, true to standard/type Boxer puppy is through a responsible, reputable breeder. These breeders are far and few, so do your research and ask questions. The goal in breeding is to improve the health, conformation traits, while keeping working ability, and intelligence intact. To accomplish this great feat they must research many pedigree’s, as well as study linage of health and longevity from many past generations. The harsh reality is that quality breeding is time consuming, very expensive, and you get what you pay for when purchasing a puppy for all the health testing, quality breeding dogs, premium dog food, vitamins, & care are not cheap…… but look at those faces, it’s worth all of it..