Puppy 101

Before you purchase a puppy do your HOMEWORK….

We firmly believe that the best source of a happy, healthy, true to standard/type Boxer puppy is through a responsible, reputable breeder.  These breeders are far and few, so do your research and ask questions. The goal in breeding is to improve the health, conformation traits, while keeping working ability, and intelligence intact.  To accomplish this great feat they must research many pedigree’s, as well as study linage of health and longevity from many past generations.   The harsh reality is that quality breeding is time consuming,   very expensive, and you get what you pay for when purchasing a puppy for all the health testing, quality breeding dogs, premium dog food, vitamins, & care are not cheap…… but look at those faces, it worth all of it.

These puppies posses a beautiful combination of American & European lines.

Our labor of love is dedicated to promote & protect the best breed ever the Boxer

All of our puppies are raised in our home with there  family.  They are handled several times a day from the first days of life, which is important to stimulate & socialize there development.  A tremendous amount of  time, care, and love go into rearing a litter of puppies which is rewarding as they age and through each individual personality type.  For each and every puppy has it’s own individual personality just like you and i, so when purchasing a puppy find out it’s profile.  This is especially important when you have children or other animals at home already for the idea is to have harmony with your new family member for the next 12-14 years.  There are a lot of dogs that are in rescues and shelter for there breeder did not take the time to profile the puppy for there home but sold it on other aspects,  such as color or sex.  Also,  find out if this puppy is passive, intermediate, or and alpha personality type, this is imperative to know, so you can socialize the puppy and train him/her accordingly. There are 3 main factors a puppy parents should posses 1~ be true to standard either FCI or AKC 2 pass all health testing 3~  All puppies should be current on shots & worming, as well as come with a FULL health guarantee. Our puppies are vet checked 3 times before going to there new homes to ensure quality.  All of these things are imperative as well as socialization to acquire a perfect puppy for your families needs.

Pricing on our puppies depends on conformation, color, markings,  and pedigree as well as the use for the puppy/dog.  Show dogs & working dogs will cost more than pets for they are special and not every puppy can do there jobs.

Here are some terms to help you understand what makes a quality boxer

Champion bloodlines: Dog shows measure quality in areas such as conformation, movement, personality and responsiveness to training.  A dog that has many champions in his bloodline or is a champion himself carries many of these good heritable traits. A quality breeder will either show themselves, or breed boxers with champion bloodlines and closely follow the boxer breed standard.  Also dogs can compete in obedience & agility to be titled this means as much to me as a champion for you must have the brains to go with the beauty, to have a perfect package.

Pedigree: It is important that your Boxer is registered and that it’s pedigree can be traced.  It is also good to look for DNA testing on ancestors, to confirm that the pedigree is accurate and that your dog is purebred.  Knowing your dogs’ ancestry can give you important information on heritable traits such as personality, health, and longevity (how long your dogs’ ancestors lived and what they died from).

Health Testing: What is health testing?  Taking your dog to there veterinarian for its “annual checkup” is NOT health testing.  A reputable Boxer breeder is one who health tests their dogs.  Any Boxer breeder advertising health testing should have had at least some, if not all, of the following tests performed on their boxers by a certified veterinarian:  echo-cardiogram by cardiologist, holter (EKG) AFA Thyroid, Hips and DM.