Questions/Answers for ~ Big mac Boxers~

  1. Can we come visit and meet your dogs and see your kennel/house?

    YES! Your welcome to visit meet/greet the dogs and ask questions (please bring a list with you so i can answer them fully and you don’t forget anything) but this is by appointment only.  To protect our dogs we ask that you not visit any kennels or pet stores prior to your visit, this protects our dogs from deadly diseases that are carried on your shoes. Did you know your shoes could carry parvo?

  2. Can I contact you for advice or support after I get my puppy?

    YES! I hope to stay in very close contact with you and your future family member so i can guide you on your journey thru training and anything that goes along with ownership.  *I love to watch them grow so appreciate lots of pictures and updates.

  3. What kind of dog/puppy food do you recommend?

    I get asked this question a lot, there are so many foods out there. For the past 20 years i have used Purina Pro Plan but alos use Eukanuba, and Royal Canin Boxer Formula. It depends on what your dog/puppy needs and especially which one they like so i give samples of each. I also give cooked meat and green vegetables to my dogs along with there dry several times a week along with daily vitamins.

  4. Do your puppies come with a health guarantee? shots? wormed?

    All puppies come with a “FULL” health guarantee.  We take every venue to assure our puppies are “the best” and have them checked by our vet several times prior to leaving to join there new families. They are current on shots and de-wormed on schedule for there age. You receive a copy of all records to keep in your puppy folder! Quality & Health are our main objective of breeding.

  5. When do puppies get to unite with there new families?

    Each puppy is different just like children so most are ready at or around 8 weeks of age some we keep a little longer or until we feel they are ready. Puppies need love, training, and a lot of socialization before going to meet there new families.  We start PAT testing at  4 weeks of age this is when puppies start showing true personality traits.

  6. Do you offer stud services?

    Yes, but female must be close to breed standard and have a vet examination stating bitch is in good bill of heath as well as a brucellosis test being “negative” must be shown prior to breeding.

  7. Do you import puppies/dogs?

    YES! We import puppies to raise/train for we feel that the European boxer offers a healthier linage as well as drive and bone. We occasionally import siblings of the puppies we import and we place them with families/working homes here in the states.  I usually import pups once or twice a year and have one or two import puppies to place from my good friend and seasoned breeder of 20+ years these puppies come in from Germany.