Choosing a STUD is a BIG decision!

Our males have been Imported from Quality Old World Kennels or bred here at Big Mac Boxers. They are Champions or International Champions and have outstanding pedigrees known for health and longevity. All have had “Normal or Excellent” health screenings for hip, elbows, cardiac, and thyroid and there results are desirable for continued genetic integrity along with guidelines standards.  We have several co-owned studs not on website so please ask for details.  Our stud dogs have much to offer in breed type, structure, temperament, working ability, as well as genetic health and longevity. They are available for services to approved bitches only. We reserve the right to refuse services for any reason.

If interested in using one of our studs, please send us a pedigree and several photos of your bitch, as well as any information of her previous breeding, and puppy info/pictures if available. We would like to know what you are looking to achieve (conformation, size, working ability etc.) by using one of our studs. We will look over all the females information and let you know if we feel our stud can achieve the qualities you are looking accentuate. If we feel our stud is not a compatible match we will give you contact information for another reputable breeder.

Mating arrangements
Its best to contact us prior to female’s season ~if possible~ to discuss any questions.
Please let us know as soon as your bitch starts her season so we both can make arrangements. (This is the first day of blood show)
It is the responsibility of bitch owner to ensure that there female is ready for mating at the time she is brought to the stud dog. It is wise to have the bitch’s progesterone levels tested to ensure she is bred during her optimal fertility period, or ask your veterinarian to perform a cytological examination. Either test can be used and are helpful to pinpoint ideal breeding time. (Most females breed between the 9-18 days)  The bitch must be at good weight and physical condition at time of service. We will provide one or two stud services. Extra services can be discussed and depend on other pending obligations. (We want the best fertility for everyone).

Repeat service
We will provide a free return stud service during her next season if no pregnancy results from current breeding.

Breeding contract
We require our stud contract be signed before any breeding should occur.

The breeding must be paid for before breeding services are rendered.
We ~might~ take a puppy in lieu of a stud fee,  this could be an option if the bitch’s pedigree  has interest to us.

Litter care and placement
The bitch owner must take full responsibility of taking proper care of there bitch and rearing her litter.  My help is available, if wanted or needed, to help place puppies with new families. In all cases the priority should be given to finding a proper permanent home for every puppy, and a contract must be signed, stating that if anything should happen and they cannot keep this dog/or/puppy for any reason it comes back to the breeder (s).  The bitch’s owner is responsible for aptitude testing the puppies and placing them according to their potential, (I’m always available for help with this as well). No puppies sired by one of Big Mac Boxers STUDS can be sold or given to anyone that operates a puppy mill or mass production of the breed. Pet Stores.

Fresh chilled/frozen semen
Shipping of fresh chilled or frozen semen from one of our stud dogs is available. Contact me for details so I can see our veterinary schedule. Peewee Valley Reproductive Specialist.

Special arrangements
Contact us if you require special arrangements to see if we can accommodate your requirements. Cincinnati International Airport is 20 minutes from my home, pick-up available.

Fertility guarantees
We guarantee that our stud dogs are fertile and proven producers of quality.

We plan our studs breeding carefully to avoid overuse and perform periodical semen quality tests to be able to guarantee their fertility. Should any problems occur we can artificial inseminate the female at our local vets office for he charges a nominal fee. Call Bach Veterinary Clinic 859-356-8883 for estimate.

We closely monitor our male’s semen quality, if your bitch does not conceive we feel she must be checked for medical issues, or the time of mating was chosen incorrectly.  Please note that we cannot guarantee pregnancies or puppies, but stud fertility only.

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 Please contact me for pedigrees, health testing results, pricing, and pictures!