The white boxer:

“20% of boxers puppies are born white”

The white boxer is not rare,  infact the original boxer was white.  Fawn and brindle colorations have been bred into them.  A white boxer has all the charm and love as it’s colored siblings but I feel they should not be used for breeding. They cannot be shown in AKC conformation. However,  they can do agility, rally, or any AKC obedience competitions.  Some white boxers have health issues such as: skin problems, (will get sun burn so sunscreen is needed),  they also have been known to become blind or have hearing issues.  So make sure the the breeder checks “all” there puppies for abnormalities.

The AKC does not regester black boxers for this color cannot be obtained for the breed does not have a black homozygus gene. (like a Lab or Newfoundland) They can be reverse brindle (this is black background with fawn stripe thru them)

Here are some white puppy pictures to enjoy!

Kahlua Puppies


Morgan below, is too cute!