Ch Legacy Kuningas Von Kishko BH IPO1

Lacy is an beautiful example of a european boxer with outstanding breed type, wonderful pedigree and excellent health testing. She has generous substance, great angulations, while still keeping a feminine appeal topped off with a beautiful trophy head and perfect markings! Her ready to please attitude meet with her natural driven nature make her the perfect working dog, personal protection and family companion. Lacy sweet expression draw you into her golden personality always ready to please! She loves to play ball, go to shows, and do bitework! She adores children of all ages and is social with other dogs. Lacy is the complete package in the house, at the show or on the trail field!


Lacy Pups


DdC_2063DSC_206jDSC_2168DSC_2177DSC_2192DSC_2196DSC_2201DSC_2213DSC_2227Lacy 1Lacy 2Lacy 10 15 18Lacy