ivaSlobi’s Iva

Iva is a wonderful example of an International boxer, from her beautiful head, expressive eyes, substance while keeping a feminine appeal, and overall true to standard body type.  Iva has a strong heal on and off lead, superior on/off working drive and is easily calmed with a simple command. She is a social butterfly with all the dogs, adores puppies, calm and gentle with all ages of children and elderly. To meet her is to LOVE her.

Excellent health testing: Cardiologist Echo-Normal, Hips A, Spine 0, DM Negative, ARVC Negative, OFA Patella-Normal, OFA Thyroid-Normal, OFA Cardiac Normal


Iva pedigree

Pedigree link:  https://www.working-dog.com/dogs-details/6459843/Slobi%E2%80%98s-Iva

Iva Christmas

Iva Pups