Int. CH Mystic Marvel V Haus Big Mac

Sire: Int Ch Gynema Sylvestre Onix BH
(Ch Laurens Boxer Alim BH IPO1 ZTP X Dagmar Felix Canis

Dam: Venice Spalenice
(CH YCS del Ducato di Parma BH AD IPO1 ZTP x Celine del Coure Grande)

Phoenix was the pick of the litter out of 9 beauties! He is a stunning example of an International boxer starting with his true-to-breed standard headpiece that looks like a piece of art! His bewitching reverse brindle coloring and beautiful dark eyes draw you in and his priceless expression!  He has much bone, substance, and type while keeping a solid topline and good angulations. Phoenix is an excellent family member who is driven, alert, and courageous protector of his home and property. His pedigree speaks for itself,  an outstanding combination of working and conformation lines known for the production of true quality in overall type and health.  He has excellent health testing scores, high intelligence, steady nerve, and is attentive to his handler making him a dream to own.  He loves to play fetch, tug, go swimming, and be a warm cuddle buddy. Phoenix has sired some stunning fawn and brindle puppies that all possess his beautiful headpieces and big nares which are very important in the breed we love, he gets this wonderful recessive trait from both his sire and dam!

Excellent health testing: 

Cardiologist Echo Normal, Heart 0, ARVC-Negative, OFA Thyroid-Normal, Penn Hip Certified 95%, OFA Spine-Normal, OFA Patella-Normal, DM-Carrier

Conformation show wins

9/2/23 Greentown Ohio  Barbera Burns Int/USA
2/24/24 Xenia Ohio  David Authur
2/24/24 Xenia Ohio Cindy J Valko
2/25/24 Xenia Ohio Cindy Beson