Int CH Gymnema Sylvestre Onix AD

Sire: Ch Laurin’s Boxer Alim IPO1

Dam:  Dagmar Felix Canis

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Onix is an exquisite example of a balanced european boxer- from his outstanding conformation, movement, and angulations to his ready when you are personality and love of children. His willingness to please never stops as well as his social nature to get along with everyone in the pack or abroad. His expression is “priceless” and deep pigmentation and rich reverse brindle color make him a treasure!!! He has wonderful teeth and perfect wide bite (1aB per judge critique). Onix has strong toy and play drive which makes working him a pleasure from sleeve to agility he is always ready to go and has wonderful focus and eye contact.

He was imported from Gymnema Sylvestre and Felix Canis both trusted kennels whose focus on health, longevity, conformation and where working ability is key to making the complete package. His pedigree is composed of many world class conformation and working titled champions as you can see if his true to breed standard appeal. Onix is a Jr Champion in Croatia his breeders showed him for me prior to coming to the USA and got many V1 ratings prior to his arrival to the USA October of 2013. After his arrival i started bonding while working with him to get ready for conformation show. In January 2014 he is now a finished Int. Champion. Onix loves to do all kinds of ringsports…from confirmation, tracking, agility, sleeve, to lay and cuddle with his family in front of the fire on the cold KY nights. He has many more working and conformation titles to come.

Health testing: Holter-000, Cardiologist echo-Normal, DM Negative, OFA-Thyroid-Normal, OFA-Patella-Normal, OFA Eye-Normal, OFA- Elbow-Normal, Penn Hip Certified 98%, ARVC Negative