Zechiel Fender Edda BH IPO1

Sire: Atibox World Winner Multi CH Naadame Fender Edda BH IPO1
(CH Casaro de la Forandza=Ch Mito de Vale Lethes x Alexandra de la Forzandanza)
Dam: Pancia Fender Edda
(Bernadeta Fender Edda=Ch Rus La Flur Eternal Flame x Carmen James Box)

Zech is a stunning reverse brindle with beautiful deep dark well set brown eyes that can look right trough you! He’s personality is driven, very playful and clownish- he forgets how big he is and will try to sit on your lap every chance he gets. His favorite pastime is playing with his ball, biking, or enjoying his family outdoors. Zech ready to please attitude and drive make him the perfect family companion or ready for any working trial. He is protective of his home, family and grounds but is easy calmed by a simple command. His huge chest, heavy bone and large structure all come from his excellent genetics which has outstanding health testing results and longevity. He adores puppies of all ages and other dogs (male or female) and is the most playful boxer we have every had the privilege of owning. Zech obtained his BH and IPO in October 2018!

HD-A, HZ-0, OFA Cardo Free, SP-0, OFA Patella Free, OFA Thyroid Normal

Health testing DM-Negative and ARVC-Negative

I would like to extend a special Thank you to Jozef of Fender Edda Kennel for helping Zech find his way to us. For many years Fender Edda Kennel has created some of the best working and conformation champions with excellent type and genetics.

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